ALBUM REVIEW: Simi – “Simisola”

Artist: Simi

Album: Simisola

Features: Adekunle Gold

Producers: Oscar, Seyikeys, Sess, Vtek

Record Label: X3M Music (2017)

Duration: 54 minutes

From what we know, gospel singers-tured-secular artistes never really make it in the big pool. So, every time an artiste ‘backslides’, they are met with skepticism both in the gospel and secular music section – it’s like being chased out of a class by an angry teacher to the corridor where there is a pankere–holding principal chasing students back into their classrooms. For that student, stepping out is a hard road and not stepping out means trouble.

Regardless, Simi boldly stepped out and switched from a promising gospel music adventure to offering a music characterized by love subjects. Fatefully for her, her alternative sound was welcomed as a fallback from the crowdy Afro-Pop music. Her unique vocal texture stood her out, her ability to compose heavenly music put her in the mould of an Angel, her perky character made her everyone’s darling and in her music engineering abilities, she found an advantage.

The central theme of her music is love, she explores it’s different angles with her songs and she even had a real-life demonstration for her subject, forming a link in a love triangle in which two boys compete for a share of the serenading songstress’ chemistry. Because Simi wouldn’t stop singing about love, some critics predicted that her fall is near. So on her debut album, Simisola she broadened her angles and perspective about love in a show of versatility and created a playlist of mood-expanding love related songs. There’s basically everything about love you can think of on the album, there’s a song about break-up, make-up, friend zone, toasting, the side-chick drama and even agape love on the album and they are arranged in a way that it forms a narrative.

With the album, Simi went for her listener’s  heart from the onset, with a soul-searching opener in Remind Me and proceeds to ask to be loved on Joromi. She finds a complementary love in Complete Me and her lyrical expression shows that the love is deep. According to her, her lover’s absence is like faith without belief/ like a heart without a beat and it shows she cannot do without her lover. But then they breakup briefly and he is trying to get her back but she’s uninterested. On Gone for Good, Simi is like shebi you say you won’t be coming back o… you say you were gone for good.

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