Award Categories For Medilag All Time Awards #IG_UNILAGMUSICDOTCOM


*Award Categories for MEDILAG All Time Awards [MATA]*

Below, Each of the categories are defined to properly sensitize the nominating committee of the eligibility of possible nominees in each category, these categories are considering eligible nominees between *JANUARY 2017* TO *JANUARY 2018*


The category is to honour outstanding individuals with unanimous popularity both in Medilag and offshores. These individuals are always representing Medilag prestigiously on the local scale as well as in the international scene.


The category behooves the personality who has a unique style which oozes confidence, sex appeal and as well as street credibility. These individuals break barriers while expressing their unique sense of style, alongside having standard relationship with reputable fashion designers and outlets.


This befits an individual who is well known and relates exudingly rich with the students.

This individuals is whom we may consider a socialite, The individual must be actively involved in every social event, as well as uniting Medilag as one social niche


This category cuts across all aspects of modelling ( Run-way, Editorial, Commercial, Swimsuit, Plus Size and so on)

The individual must be of high fashion , have ability to blend and artistically express various designer’s vision and must have a relationship with a reputable designer or fashion outlet


This is to honour the individual who has exceeded *excellently* well through their academics while *blending* every other aspect of life with no deficit.

This individual is also involved in developing and improving academic excellence in other people


This award is to honor the student who have demonstrated innovativeness, originality, and entrepreneurial spirit in the development of processes, products, or technologies of commercial potential and/or of benefit to the students directly or indirectly while balancing the sole purpose of school.


The award is to honour the students who express their arts via photography either for commercial or personal benefits

This simple goes to the student with the *eye for the camera*, that delivers ground breaking photographic representation and body of work


This category befits the individual who express their arts in form of music and dance (songwriting, live performances, composing and other technicalities). The individual must have released a body of work with enough popularity or from a reputable producer / record label or from a reputable dance group.

*Student Artist of the Year*

This award honours individuals who express their arts in form of painting, drawing, visuals, graphics and make-up . Individual’s work must be generally accepted with cordial popularity and must have media presence to elaborate their body of work.

*Media Personality of the year*

This is a category which honours individuals who have buoyant media presence. The personality must have an elaborate online following at the same time, a conscious and good use of social media (may be for commercial or personal reasons)

*Sports personality of the year* [MALE AND FEMALE]

This is a category which goes out to the individual who participates in one or more sporting activities and perform exceedingly well in them.

This individual must have vast knowledge of the sporting activity of choice and must be known to participate with fair play and always promoting the spirit of sportmanship.

*Most alluring* [MALE AND FEMALE]

This is a category which honours the most good looking and attractive personality based on the both physical appearance as well as the inner beauty.

This is basically the most generally accepted attractive , charming and captivating personality of the year.

*Rookie of the year*

This category considers the most outstanding freshmen of the 2016/17 session. This individual must be popular, alluring and an all-round excellent personality.

*Last Man standing*

This category is considering the finalists of the year 2018.

This is a category (more like Last person Standing)

This category goes to the most outstanding individual of the year in every aspect possible. The award goes to the finalists whom have made groundbreaking innovations and has constantly being the topic of conversation .

They are extremely reputable individuals with a high degree of popularity.



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