Governor Okorocha May Have To Erect Statue For Swazi Woman Who Danced Naked At Calabar Carnival (Photos)

Since it is a season of merry and a year of erecting statues in Imo State, we guess this might only be right for the incumbent governor, Rochas, to do.

We all know Rochas is a man who tries as much as possible to ensure whoever pleases him, gets a ton loads of praises and if you are lucky enough, a statue erected for you in the beautiful state of Imo but if you think I am lying, ask Jacob Zuma of South Africa or Johnson-Sirleaf of Liberia or Nana Addo of Ghana or better still, Click Here.

Oh well, since Rochas’ viral video on the net, I mean the one which he completely opened his mouth while watching Swazi women dance topless at the Calabar festival, many Nigerians took to Social Media, mostly Facebook to not only criticise our “loving and amiable” governor but also suggest he erects another statue before his tenure expires.

And of course, a truck load of the comments were directed towards the statue erection of one of the dancers.

The dancer below:

Originally posted 2017-12-31 11:07:38.

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