KKC – MUSE #Unilagmusic

KKC (Keenah-Kay Chekwas), is a multiple award winning, artiste, singer, songwriter, guitarist, chef, Sportsperson and geophysicist in the making.

She is currently learning how to play the drums.

KKC has written over 200 songs, has over 100 poems and articles, and has recorded 10 songs, 4 of which have been released.

Her previous singles, Smiling At My Phone, All Rounded Teacher and Baby Jo were received warmly by the audience and her fans.

The video of smiling at My phone was shot in Abuja, Nigeria, and the video of Baby Jo was shot in London, United Kingdom with quite a numiber of views on YouTube.


Originally posted 2018-01-07 11:50:01.

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