Lagos in Pictures: Makoko

Lagos is identified as the center of activity in Nigeria, from the busy market places that are noisy during the day to the bubbling clubs that make up the night life in the city, Lagos is a place to be. The city which constitutes of several towns, settlements, lifestyles as well as culture is an interesting subject with a lot of topics, hence the Lagos in Pictures project.
The Lagos in pictures project is an avenue crafted to enlighten Nigerians and the world about the various places in the city that are both known or unknown and giving detailed explanation of the environment, the tradition and the people using photography and videography in documentation. The project is put together by two fasting raising enterprise Toni Viewsally Photography formerly known as Viewsally Photography and Whatnut Pictures.
On the first edition of Lagos in pictures; focus was brought to makoko, a community situated on the Lagos mainland. It is a large, low income community with half the population on water and half on land. The small town was built in the 18th century with houses on water and built from hardwood, supported by silts driven deep into the water. It is the home to fish production and other related activities in Lagos, a tourist view, an active locality, Makoko is indeed one sight to not see but experience .
Makoko is inhabited by the Egun people, with about 1 to third of them being able to speak English and only a few being able to speak yoruba language. Movements around this community is mainly by water with canoes being the means of transportation becaue the greater part of the community rests on water. About all or most of the makoko dwellers are able to swim since water is second nature to them.

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