Which Course Did You Choose To Study? Which Did You Eventually Studied/Currently Studying?

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Which Course Did You Choose To Study? Which Did You Eventually Studied/Currently Studying?

Which Course Did You Choose To Study? Which Did You Eventually Studied/Currently Studying?

unilag music cypher

More than 79% of undergraduates in Nigeria universities are currently studying a course they didn’t bargain for or even have an iota of interest in.

The relative result of this case is that they have to tolerate the course giving to them throughout their stay in school, just to possibly leave home after a long stay at home, facing parental frustrations and dirty errands 🤣🤣

The Problem 1

The outcome of this nonsense carried out in the Nigeria Educational sector is going to result to a disastrous negative effects on the Nation as a whole in all sector it encompasses.

The Solution

A student applied for Computer science, just because his cut-off mark is not enough to get his course of Study, he was given Physic to study 😲😲

Just in case you don’t know, Physic is 10 times harder than Computer science.

Question To Institutions

▪️ Why give Student useless Course to Study because he/she didn’t meet their desired course cut-off?

▪️ Why not let such Student go back home?

The Problem 2

If you force Physics as a course of Study on any Student, he can never be happy all through his stay in the university. No morale, no ginger and what do you expect from such student? – F9

What Institutions Need To Do

I think what should be the standard is that, Institutions shouldn’t be giving admission to candidates they know he/she didn’t meet up to the required point needed to study their desired course.

Reason Why Institutions Won’t Let You Go Even Without Offering You Your Desired Course

Institutions won’t let you go even when they can’t offer you your desired course of study due to their greed and materialistic act.

Instead, they offer students a destructive option of studying a course they don’t have flair for or interest in.

The Mistake Students Are Making

The suicidal mistakes the students makes also is accepting to study a Course they don’t have interest in because they don’t want to sit another year at home.

A sad case of my Efiko friend (very intelligent young man who score 310 in JAMB) who applied to study mathematics at OAU, Ife but was granted admission to study Transport Management instead, he didn’t have a choice but just have to accept it because he wants a rescue out of his parent palava.

After the University years, he’s not making good use of himself, cause its like all dream to become a mad ass mathematician has been sabotaged. The young man ended up doing all kind of nonsense about just to meet ends need.

The result of studying a course you have no interest in after Graduating, is always Frustration, Sorrow and Disappointment.

Even myself, its a funny case, I applied for Computer Science at the university of lagos (UNILAG) and I was offered Physic with Electronics, I kukuma do it, boy must comot house 😂😂

That’s the wrong OT killing a lot of dreams today.

We just decided to put up this post to know you guys take on this case.

So, share your experience with us in the comment section below.

Tell Us The Course You Applied For And The Course You Eventually Study Or Currently Studying?

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